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"We can confirm that the overall attendance figure for Fir Vale School during November 2007 has improved by 2.2% compared with the same period last year. This is believed to be largely due to the effectiveness of the Keep Kids Safe messaging system. The number of incoming calls from parents advising us of reasons for absence at the start of the school day has increased by around 75%.The number of unadvised absences has dropped from 30-40 per day to around 10.

Punctuality has also increased recently by approximately 25% and we hope to improve this figure even further by continuing to advise parents of pupil lateness via the Keep Kids Safe group messaging service. The system is incredibly easy and straightforward to use and we are certain we have only just scratched the surface regarding the system's full potential and capabilities."

Pam Dewsnap, Attendance Officer, Fir Vale School

"increased exam attendance by 5%. This years SAT and GCSE results were our best ever"

“We’re delighted with the improvements we’ve seen in attendance, however the improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of overall communication with parents has been even more significant. Sending messages saves our staff a great deal of time and we get a much quicker response from parents.”

Nick Condliffe, Head Teacher, Two Trees High School

"The engineers were extremely efficient and the after support was first class"

“The improvement in the effectiveness of overall communication with parents has been marked and in many instances, greater parental engagement has led directly to improved pupil attainment. For instance; we used the system to send SAT reminders to Y9 parents and thereby increased exam attendance by 5%. This years SAT and GCSE results were our best ever

Dennis Palmer, Head Teacher, Archbishop Thurstan School

“Keep Kids Safe was very easy to install and very rarely needs user intervention. The engineers were extremely efficient and the after support was first class. The software integrated with our SIMS.NET and Bromcom systems without a problem and works hard to improve communication and attendance in our college.”

James Sharp, Senior ITC Technician, Kingswood College of Arts

Keep Kids Safe has made my life much easier for all general communication. I don’t know how we would have closed effectively when we were flooded without Keep Kids Safe, it’s been a godsend.”

Christine Burley, Attendance Officer, Pope Pius X Catholic High School Contact Us

"the system has in fact more than paid for itself"

“When we first started sending messages the system detected quite a few dead numbers in our database. Keep Kids Safe allows us to quickly generate letters to parents with ‘out of date’ details and by keeping on top of it we’ve cleaned up our database significantly.”

Barbara Trayer, Deputy Head, South Leeds High School

“We’ve found that communicating with parents via text is significantly more effective than traditional methods and the savings we’ve made on our telephone bills and letter costs have meant that the system has in fact more than paid for itself.”

Steve Liddle, Head Teacher, Winifred Holtby School

"The training and support team have been absolute stars"

“We spend much less time on the phone now which lets us concentrate on other things. We love the Group Messaging function as it’s quick and easy to send messages to large groups of parents. The training and support team have been absolute stars.”

Michelle Bainbridge, Student Support Officer, Hatfield Visual Arts College

“Keep Kids Safe is really easy to use and I have found it a lot quicker and easier than calling on the phone. It’s much more effective than spending all day on the phone and parents are finding it better as they can text in with explanations. We found it really effective to send a school closure message when we were flooded.”

Joanna Alexakis, Attendance Officer, Cottingham High School

“We have found the Keep Kids Safe system to be a user friendly, efficient and effective method of contacting parents."

Julie Collin, Office Manager, The Belvedere Academy

“Since we started using the system to send absence alerts our attendance has improved by 2.3% and unauthorised absence has been reduced from 3% to 1.3%. Also, sending academic review day reminders increased participation by an incredible 150%.”

Chris Mulqueen, Deputy Head Teacher, Archbishop Thurstan School

“using Keep Kids Safe is so much easier than phoning parents. I can send 30+ absence messages with a couple of clicks instead of trawling through numbers and getting little or no response. We get a much better response from texts than we ever used to get on the phone and I have much more time to concentrate on other things. Our attendance is up 3% on this time last year.”

Elaine Taylor, Attendance Officer, South Leeds High School
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