"We are committed to making a difference in education through improved communication"

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The Project Team

In order to meet the objectives of the Partnership we have assembled an outstanding Project Team of highly skilled and experienced individuals. Each member of the Project Team fulfils an essential role in the operation and success of the Partnership.

The team members span a wide range of disciplines including; Headship/School Management, Attendance and Behaviour Management, School Administration, Teaching, National Education Strategy, Data Security, Technical Development, Partner Support, Training, Helpdesk, Partnership Development, Project Administration and Best Practice Development.

Meet a few members of the Project Team below:

David Johnson

David is committed to making a difference in schools through improved communication. David has been a Headteacher, a Director of Children’s Services and worked for the DFES (DCSF). His focus is to help the project meet exacting educational standards.

Des Coffey

Des has spent a lifetime working in education with a focus on attendance and raising attainment. He has held a number of senior posts within the DFES (DCSF).

Matthew Smith

Matthew is the Project Director. He has considerable experience of highly successful ground up project development specialising in communications technology

Matthew Smith

Dennis Palmer

Dennis was a key member of the group of Headteachers who initiated the Project. Along with other education practitioners who operate the system in their schools he has a key role in guiding the development of the system and identifying and disseminating best practice within and beyond the Partnership.

Paul Dexter

Paul is a key member of the partnerships highly experienced technical team. Paul and his colleagues work continuously to develop the system, turning the ideas of schools into reality.

Paul Dexter

Richard Bunting

Richard is heavily involved in coordinating partnership development. Working with his colleagues he has an important role in working with schools to ensure the sustainable growth of the partnership and in promoting best practice.

Viv Saxby

Viv is an experienced member of the Helpdesk Team and alongside her colleagues she works closely with schools to ensure they maximise the benefits of the system within their school.

Viv Saxby

Matt Sanderson

Matt is a Partnership Training Manager. Matt and his colleagues have a great deal of experience in delivering on-site personalised training and best practice guidance in implementing and operating the Keep Kids Safe system.