The improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of overall communication with parents has been significant

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Educational, Operational and Financial Benefits

All participating schools have reported significant positive outcomes which include:


  • Secure web based system that complements existing MIS and attendance systems
  • Intuitive and easy to use – unlimited number of users with different access privileges
  • Unlimited training, support and sharing of best practice
  • Two way multichannel communication in multiple languages – highly efficient and effective
  • Communication with parents/carers, students, staff, support agencies and more
  • Facilitates more efficient inter-agency working
  • Frees resources and thereby improves operational efficiency
  • Evidence all communication – flexible communication and attendance reporting
  • Improves contact data quality
Typical Annual Saving - £1072


  • Saves time thereby freeing staff
  • Saves money
  • 2 Month free evaluation without obligation


  • Developed in partnership with schools
  • Tailored to meet the needs of individual Secondary schools
  • Improves parental engagement
  • Helps improve attendance and punctuality
  • Helps to meet the needs of minority ethnic groups and promote inclusion
  • Promotes child safety and fulfils obligations in loco parentis
  • Helps raise pupil self esteem, achievement and attainment

“we’re delighted with the improvements we’ve seen in attendance, however the improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of overall communication with parents has been even more significant. Sending messages saves our staff a great deal of time and we get a much quicker response from parents.”

Nick Condliffe, Head Teacher, Two Trees High School
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