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What is Keep Kids Safe?

Keep Kids Safe allows schools to send important messages to parents instantly via text, voice or email. Our secure and easy to use web based system integrates with all your schools existing systems and gives you the ability to send hundreds of personalised messages in seconds. Best of all, we offer all schools a 2 month free trial.

contact us Barbara Trayer, Deputy Headteacher of South Leeds High School says, "In using the system to notify parents of absence and lateness we have reduced unauthorised absence, improved attendance by 3% and significantly improved punctuality". To read more testimonials click here.

How does it work?

Secondary Contact allows schools to send important messages to parents, pupils and staff instantly via text, voice or email.

Multichannel Communication

Demo One Watch Demo One Click here for full size video demo

Sending Absence Messages, Quick and Simple, 60 Second System Demonstration Video

Practical Applications

The system can be used to alert parents when pupils are absent or at any time a school needs to communicate with parents/carers, pupils, staff and support agencies in a timely, discrete and personalised manner. For example; notification of lateness, reinforcement of positive behaviour, notification of detentions, exam and coursework reminders, parents evening / review day reminders, emergency messages and keeping people informed about events, rehearsals, fixtures, trips, breakfast and after school clubs, meetings and appointments. The audit trail, archive and record keeping functions also provide powerful evidencing and reporting tools.

  • Send messages to parents instantly
  • Improve attendance
  • Reduce truancy
  • Improve punctuality
  • Raise parental engagement
  • Save time and money

Why Choose Keep Kids Safe?

The Keep Kids Safe Project is now operating in hundreds of schools nationwide in both urban and rural authorities, delivering highly flexible and refined functionality that advances the school communication system to new levels of excellence. The Project was initiated by schools and the Project Team work as a partnership to continually develop and refine the systems functionality in line with the ever changing requirements of education.

All features are provided in one fully integrated, secure , simple to use, best value package. One of the many benefits of the system is that it is installed and integrated in minutes and there is no requirement for additional hardware.

Our unique Support Guarantee and best practice guidance has been critical to the success of the project. All participating schools have reported significant positive outcomes in helping to raise pupil attainment, attendance and parental engagement.

See what schools have to say about the project on the Testimonials Page and get involved through our unique no obligation 2 Month free trial by clicking here.

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